Impress Your Lenders

Impress Your Lenders to Scale Up

Spend a day with me learning how to impress your lenders so they will give you more money and will stick around for the long haul. This is what I do best, so come learn from a Pro! Usually I have between 12-17 homes at one time and they are all privately funded by lenders. Let me show you how I impress my lenders so they give me more money to do my rehabs. I am buying a house a week to rehab and my goal is 48 houses this year. I could not do this without money! Let me show you how my entire company is set up internally so I can find about 1-2 new lenders a week. Not only will I help you to set up finding lenders systematically, but also to impress them to stick around to do more rehabs with me from start to finish. I will share with you, all of the processes that I have internally so you can implement them immediately into your business.

Class will be at the 1590 Phoenix Blvd Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30349.

Date: September 15, 2018
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: 1590 Phoenix Blvd Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30349
We need at least 15 students so please pass the word. See ya there!


  • Brainstorm to figure out who our lenders will be
  • Finding hard money lenders in the Atlanta area
  • Role playing how to speak to your lenders and how the meetings should go
  • Creating and impress your lenders binder
  • Creating vision and mission statement for your company
  • Marketing through social media to find lenders legally
  • Going over SEC rules on finding lenders
  • Creating Transparent work environment for your lenders
  • Building Relationship with your lenders so they stick around
  • How to update lenders on your projects
  • What information to tell and not tell to your lenders

Call the office if you have any questions at 770-727-9464 and talk to Sarah.