Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers to Scale Up

Now a 6 Hour CE Approved Class for Realtors!!!!


Date: March 17, 2018
Time: 9am to 5pm
Location: Ramada Plaza Atlanta Capitol Park 450 Capitol Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312
We need at least 15 students so please pass the word. See ya there!

Class will be from 9am to 5pm. Class will be at Ramada Plaza Atlanta Capitol Park. We need at least 15 students so please pass the word. See ya there!

Spend a day with the #1 Rehabber in Atlanta, Stacy Rossetti, learning how to Know Your Numbers To Scale Up so you can learn her in-house financial strategies. She will show you how to scale up by categorizing Quickbooks, systems for running financial reports, and spreadsheets to close out rehabs. In class, we will learn how to use Quickbooks as an investor to scale up. Bring your laptop because she will share with you all of the systems that she has internally, so you can implement them immediately into your business to become more successful with your numbers. Set up your business to master your funds in order to begin to measure up and be able to analyze and close out your projects more successfully!

Learn how to use Quickbooks as an investor by:

  • Getting set up in Quickbooks as a company
  • Setting up categories for expenses
  • Entering in a journal entry for each house bought
  • Creating classes for each rehab

Learn all the systems I utilize in my company for running financial reports:

  • Learn how to read a P&L and your Balance Sheet
  • Learn how to close out a project
  • Learn how to analyze your project to get your gross and net profit
  • Learn how to figure how what you need to do better for your next project

Get all of my spreadsheets I use in my company to close out rehabs:

  • Closing stipulations
  • Rehab statistics
  • Properties under contract
  • Master project sheet
  • Financial closeouts
  • Project closeouts

How can I be prepared for this event?

  • Be on time
  • Have a business Gmail Account
  • Print out your ticket
  • Bring your laptop
  • And be ready to learn!

Wow! That’s a lot for $106.50. What a great deal! Better not miss this one.

Call the office if you have any questions at 770-727-9464 and talk to Sarah