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Real Estate Tips – How To Sell Your House For Top Dollar In Any Market Condition

Millions of homes are bought and sold each year in the real estate market, and while each transaction is entirely different from another, every homeowner wants the same thing – top dollar on the house with the least hassle and headache.

Unfortunately, home buying and selling process has become a more complex business than it used to be.Environmental concerns, disclosure statements and complex agreements, have all become a major concern in the real estate industry.

Most importantly, sellers now do not have the privilege of multiple offers thrown at them as soon as the ‘for sale’ sign hits the front yard. Selling has become more of a competition and every seller feels disappointed when he doesn’t get what he expects and blames it on low market conditions.

Here are some extremely effective ways to get top dollar for your house, even when the market is low

Presale home inspection – being proactive is the only way that you can ensure that your house sells for the best price, irrespective of the market condition. Getting a home inspection done is the best way to know the true value of your house, the troubled areas that might disappoint homebuyers and immediate repairs that can put you for an open house. Getting a home inspection done not only helps you to stay away from disappointing offers, but you can increase the value of your house as per the inspector’s suggestion.

Cleaning and organizing – this might seem to be a very silly job, but de-cluttering and organizing your house can make it look bigger, cleaner and filled with positive vibes. No potential homeowner wants to step into a dusty and dirty kitchen, open a wardrobe that has unwanted things lying here and there, look at the dirty windowpanes or just get disappointed by the unhygienic way things are kept around the house. Hence, you need to get items out of vicinity and arrange them neatly in your basement or garage. Clean your carpets, lighting fixtures, windows and other small places that might look negligible to you. Keeping a house cleaned up gives you a competitive edge while negotiating.

Warranties and guarantees – gather up all kinds of guarantees and warranties including user manuals for all equipments installed in your house. This includes the dishwasher, washing machine, heater and all other HVAC systems. These guarantees and warranties with help you to prove your point when you say – I just got them replaced!

As they say, if you want to know what the other person thinks, get into their shoes. This means, start thinking like a buyer and stand outside your house. What’s the first impression of the house? Is the lawn neatly kept? Is the house clean? Do you find any cracks inside the house that bothers you? Is the neighborhood good enough?

Answering all of the above questions will give you an idea on how your house looks for an outsider. Improving on the negatives is the only way that you can increase your property value and get top dollar in any market condition.


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