Mortgage and Divorce: Navigating Financial Independence

Mortgage and Divorce: Navigating Financial Independence

If you look at the data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2016, you can easily see that nearly half of all married couples end up getting a divorce. According to this information, 6.9 people per 1000 total population got married, while 3.2 people per 1000 total population got divorced. If you are getting a divorce, you certainly aren’t alone. Happily ever after may seem harder to achieve these days, but it is possible with some planning and cooperation. Learning everything you can about your options when faced with legal separation, divorce, mortgage, and co-owned home alleviates the stress attached to this type of experience while also providing valuable strategies to preserve the peace. Just remember that you had choices before you tied the knot, and you still have legal choices now. Whether you have a current mortgage in Portland or Atlanta, here’s a look at what you need to know. What are your options if you are going through a divorce but have a co-owned home and mortgage? Your options actually depend on several factors, including: The title on the property. Current financing on the home. If anyone wishes to keep the home. Each spouse’s ability to refinance the mortgage, ...

US Home Inventory Hits Record Low

Trulia recently released their quarterly Inventory and Price Watch report showing that U.S. housing inventory hit its lowest level on record in Q1 of 2017 with the number of homes on the market dropping for the 8th consecutive month (down 5.1% over the past year). The report is quarterly analysis of the supply and affordability of starter homes, trade-up homes, and premium homes currently on the market. Some Takeaways: The number of starter and trade-up homes continues drop, falling 8.7% and 7.9% respectively, during the past year, while inventory of premium homes has fallen by just 1.7% The persistent and disproportional drop in starter and trade-up home inventory is pushing affordability further out of reach of homebuyers. A strong recovery may be partly to blame for the large drop in inventory some markets have experienced over the past five years.

2016 Sees Lowest Share of Cash Sales Since ’07

Data powerhouse CoreLogic is reporting that for 2016, cash sales represented 32.1% of all sales – which is the lowest share seen since 2007. For December, 2016, cash sales accounted for 33.1% of all home sales, down 1.3 percentage points from December 2015. In addition, REO sales made up 5.8% and short sales made up 2% in December 2016. Distressed sales’ share was 7.8% and was the lowest for any month since October 2007. New York had the largest share of cash sales (47.9%), followed by New Jersey (47.6%), Alabama (46.1%), Michigan (44.3%) and Florida (42.1%). Some takeaways: The full-year cash sales share for 2016 was 32.1% The cash sales share in December 2016 was 33.1% The full-year distressed sales share for 2016 was 8.9% “…cash sales share peaked in January 2011 when cash transactions accounted for 46.6 percent of total home sales nationally. Prior to the housing crisis, the cash sales share of total home sales averaged approximately 25 percent. If the cash sales share continues to fall at the same rate it did in December 2016, the share should hit 25 percent by mid-2019.”

Where Did Americans Move in 2016?

We’ve posted several stories over the past couple years about where Americans are moving. After all, real estate investors are best prepared to meet the needs of all those folks looking for new home. Keeping Current Matters recently put together this handy infographic based on United Van Lines recent moving study. Happy Friday!

5 Social Media Tips that Can Sell Your Home

Selling your home is already a large and sometimes complicated task. There are many things to consider including hiring a realtor, staging, repairs and closing. We want to offer a few tips that could make marketing your for-sale real estate a bit easier.   Mastering social media is like having a marketing super power. Knowing how to use it to sell your home can be especially useful for those who are choosing to DIY.   Here are 5 Social Media TIps that Can Sell Your Home (h2)     Microblogging:   Microblogging is posting short frequent updates to social media sites. One of the most popular  platforms to microblog right now is Instagram. Now I know what you are wondering. What’s the difference between microblogging and social media networking. When you typically interact on social media you’re making connections, looking for opportunities and generally socializing via a digital medium. Microblogging rediscovers the art of journaling online by chronicling events in short form. Use instagram to take photos of your home. What are some of the amazing things that have happened or could happen under it’s roof? Let your followers know what you’ve done to prepare the home for a new …