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5 Social Media Tips that Can Sell Your Home

Selling your home is already a large and sometimes complicated task. There are many things to consider including hiring a realtor, staging, repairs and closing. We want to offer a few tips that could make marketing your for-sale real estate a bit easier.


Mastering social media is like having a marketing super power. Knowing how to use it to sell your home can be especially useful for those who are choosing to DIY.


Here are 5 Social Media TIps that Can Sell Your Home (h2)



  • Microblogging:


Microblogging is posting short frequent updates to social media sites. One of the most popular  platforms to microblog right now is Instagram. Now I know what you are wondering. What’s the difference between microblogging and social media networking. When you typically interact on social media you’re making connections, looking for opportunities and generally socializing via a digital medium. Microblogging rediscovers the art of journaling online by chronicling events in short form. Use instagram to take photos of your home. What are some of the amazing things that have happened or could happen under it’s roof? Let your followers know what you’ve done to prepare the home for a new family.


  • Keywords:


Keywords are an essential part of any inbound digital marketing plan. Give some thought to what types of things your ideal buyer would be searching for online. How would they phrase that? Those phrases are essentially the keywords you want to use in your different post to draw a buyer to your social media profiles that display your home. A few examples would be a location like “downtown Atlanta” or “parks in Sandy Springs”. You could also use features of the home as keywords like “two car garage” and” master on the main floor”.


  • Sharing:


This goes without saying. You will want to share your post. But, think of different ways to optimize your sharing. You could ask family and friends to share or share other’s post in hopes that they will share yours. Also do research on optimal posting times for your chosen platform. This will increase your chances of gaining visibility and interactions.


  1. Pinterest Local:

Did you know that Pinterest was integrated with SquareSpace? Together they have launched Place Pins. Using this feature you can tag each of your pins with their location. When you pin photos of your home to Pinterest use this feature to invite local pinners to an open house. Simply place that information on the webpage that has the original pinned photo. Geo-tagging on Pinterest allows you to add maps as well.


  • Facebook Ads:


Facebook ads allow you to engage in paid advertising at a fairly low cost. The features allow you to target users based on a variety of demographic and location information. So, if  you know your condo is likely to sell to a late 20’s young professional in your state those are all thing you can target using Facebook ads.


Have you sold a home using social media? Tell us about your experience.



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